5 Tips to Help Prepare for a Busy Autumn

Preparing for a busy Autumn


It is almost time for the seasons to start the transition from summer to winter, where the leaves fade, fall from the trees and beautifully blanket the parks and streets. Autumn brings another busy season of business to the fore. As mentioned in the last email we are rushed with Easter, Anzac Day and Mothers Day over a 6 week window.

Now that it is a bit quiet, it’s the perfect time to get the preparation underway.

Here are 5 helpful tips that will help you get the most of this busy period are on our new blog post.

  1.  Big 6 weeks, Big Payoff 
    Just remember that you will get out what you put in. This time period will be extremely busy, but it will reward you at the same time. However, putting in some of that hard work now, will seriously reduce the amount of time you will need to put into it later on. So preparation is key and the reward will be great for your business.
  2. Employee Scheduling
    It is important to make sure everyone knows what they’ll be doing over this time. Take it as an opportunity to refine and clarify any duties as needed. Also, start thinking about who you may be able to ask for help to get an extra pair of hands when they might be needed. This could be for making arrangements or even as another driver.
  3. Supplies, supplies, supplies….
    After Valentine’s Day stock is likely to be in all sorts. Get everything organised and count up what you still have left. Look back at what you did last year and remember what worked and what did not so you can avoid those easy mistakes this year.
  4. Customer Engagement
    Take every order as an opportunity to make a huge impression on your customer. Give them a reason to make you their one and only stop for flowers! It is far cheaper and less work to keep an existing customer then it is to acquire new ones.
  5. Stop and smell the flowers
    Don’t forget to remember why you became a florist in the first place. The beauty you spread, and the happiness you provide is hard to match and something you get to do everyday. So when it gets hectic (and it will) think about that and enjoy it.
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