August Newsletter


Queensland Interior Decorators Association Product Night

We were very fortunate to have the pleasure of hosting a QIDA product night during July. The night was host to 3 amazing artists (Sarah Daly, Christine Donaldson & Sharron Tancred) who showcased their beautiful artworks.

We also got to see great products from Hangzen, specialists in art and mirror hanging. It was great a opportunity to meet so many new people and get the chance to form closer friendships within the Interior Decorating community in Queensland.


Australian Flower Festival August Update

With only a little more than a month left to go our preparations are now ramping up to full speed.

In the spirit of doing something right or not doing it at all we’ve had to order in a custom made frame for our stall this year.  With an imminent arrival we’ll start sharing our stall design and building progress as soon possible on both Facebook and Instagram. So stay tuned.

We’ve also picked out all the items that will be going into the mystery box for the competition. Now it wouldn’t be much of a mystery if I gave anything away here, but given that talent that will be vying for top prize, it’ll be a must watch for sure. Don’t miss out, book tickets now.


To Pick Up or Get Delivered?

We all need to new stock in to keep the business going. But how do we decide how the stock gets to us and what are reasons behind those decisions?

Our latest blog post looks at the concepts behind finding the most efficient way to get your goods to you.


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