Florist Wire and Floral Tape

Wiring and Floral Tape – Beginners Guide

Professional florists wire and tape stems for a good reason – which may seem like a very daunting task at first, but with a little more knowledge flower wiring and taping will all make perfect sense.

Flower wiring can extend and strengthen flower stems, hold foam in place, secure bouquets and corsages, secure greenery to a wreath or centrepiece, allow for full control of all components in your arrangement and much more.

Basic techniques of arranging flowers: wiring and taping Gerberas

Wire Gauges

Have you ever wondered why there are so many wire gauges to choose from? The higher the gauge number the finer the wire. You must think carefully when choosing your gauge – a wire too thick may bruise or tear the flower, and a wire too thin may not hold enough support. There is no easy answer here – this knowledge will come with experience.

                                    Green Florist Wire x 45cm Parafilm Tape

Parafilm – Floral Tape

Have you ever thought about how professional floral designers get their beautiful arrangements looking so secure and immaculate! Its all in the wiring and Floral Tape – also known as Parafilm. Parafilm is a waterproof, thermoplastic, stretchable and flexible plastic paraffin film. It is able to stretch up to four times its length which means less tape is required to get the job done. Parafilm is also used to camouflaged the wire, and also for grafting new stems to a stem that has fewer blooms. Extra blooms are generally cut off, and with the help from the Parafilm and Wire, are given new stems to allow the floral designer to use all their flowers.

Tools and accessories florists need for making a bouquet

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