How To Increase Your Repeat Customers by Adding Value

Increase Customer Value with Simple and Easy Flower Care Tips



One of the best parts about being in business is the ability to build relationships with our best customers. Therefore, it is no surprise that studies have shown it is cheaper and easier to keep existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. Research from Invespro highlights that the probability of selling to existing customers is 60 – 70% compared to just 5 – 10% of a new customer. And, they are far more likely to try more products and have a much higher average spend.

But what will attract customers to come back to your store? Increasing the value you offer with each transaction. Empowering your shoppers with knowledge that allows them to receive more out of every purchase. One great way is to provide them with easy flower care tips that will make their flowers last longer. A few of our top tips are:


  • Transportation: When your customer leaves the store, are they placing them on the backseat of a hot car, have they got more shopping to do, are they stopping for coffee? Where possible suggest taking the flowers straight home as the longer it takes the shorter the lifespan of the flowers


  • Recut the flowers:  Without getting too technical, after flower stems have been cut it starts to block the air flow through the stem. Whilst the stem of every flower suffers this to varying degrees, it is still important to recut all flowers when they make it home.
    • Hot Tip 1: Cut the stems underwater to maximise the health of the flower.
    • Hot Tip 2: Cut the stems at an angle to create the maximum surface area for the stem to absorb water.


  • Remove Leaves: Any leaves that will be below the waterline should be removed as they can increase the build up of bacteria that will shorten the flowers lifespan.


  • Flower Food: A flower food that will keep your flowers hydrated and nourished. Coming in very handy sachets flower food is great to provide customers with to use in a vase solution or with floral foam.
    • Hot Tip 3: Vases should be 3/4 full.


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