How to Make the Perfect Christmas Hamper

How magical does it feel seeing an exciting Hamper under your Christmas Tree? Especially if it’s homemade! Creating your own Christmas Hamper for a family member, husband or wife, friend etc, you will be able to give your Hamper the personal touch. You might even be able to save by creating your own homemade goodies! This will also allow you to create your Hamper as simple, or luxurious as you’d like – thats the beauty of doing it yourself.


Here are some of Swann’s Top Tips for Hamper Success…

Decide on a theme

  • The theme will reflect the occasion for the Hamper. Then take a second to think about who the Hamper is for? What are their interests? What do they like? Depending on what you want to put in the Hamper, may also reflect their hobbies?
  • Some Hamper Ideas: Food and Drinks, Gardening, Spa/Bath Productions, Makeup, Movies, Relaxing etc?

Add some Style!

Are you looking for a beautiful, polished look to your homemade Hamper? Well our clear (sheets, 30mic rolls, or 40mic rolls) or coloured cellophane (also known as Poly) has you sorted. For a professional finished – use a hairdryer to blow-dry the cellophane to your basket – it is best to start from the bottom and work your way up. Your hamper will be finished when the cellophane is taut. Adding a ribbon around the middle will allow you to keep those carefully positioned presents in place, and is also a nice finishing touch.

Woodwool, Raffia, Tissue Paper, or even a different coloured cellophane all work well to line the bottom of the Hamper.

Decide on a Budget

  • Once you’ve set your budget, this will dictate what you put in the Hamper. If you’re making a couple of Hampers, and if your budget is minimal, think about adding some homemade goodies to each Hamper – this will help save on your Hampers budget and add a little personal touch.



  • It’s important to remember that Hampers aren’t all about jam, marmalade, and shortbread biscuits. Keep your contents personal and appropriate for the recipient, rather than putting together a Hamper and “hoping” or “not knowing” if they will actually “like” the contents or not.

Fill it full of Treats! Are they a Cheese or Chocolate Lover? Treat them with some homemade treats and accompaniments – i.e: chocolate brownies, cheese tarts, home baked slices, which will all be a success. And don’t forget the bottle of wine or champagne – but you don’t always have to stick with the standards.


The theme or the personality of the recipient will depend on the appropriate container. Baskets seem to be the most popular Hamper container. Swann Agencies has many baskets for you to choose from, but you can also use a nice ceramic, a bowl, something recycled or disposable, a pretty plate or tray – these also work well as an extra present!



  • Firstly, have a play with your Hamper to make sure all your contents fit. Then choose a “front” – start with the largest or tallest item first, and then arrange all other smaller items around these.


  • The most popular wrapping is clear cellophane (or Poly), as its see-through! Don’t forget to add a Ribbon which will finish the Hamper off quite nicely.


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