Our extensive range of faux succulents is incredibly realistic both in texture and appearance. You can choose from many different varieties including Echeveria, Skimmia, Agave, Aeonium for use in centrepieces, terrariums, and even hanging pots.

Succulents can be used to make some fascinating and dramatic displays because of the variety of textures, shapes, and colours that are available to play with. The rich burgundy colour of the Agave looks fantastic in contrast against a mixture of soft green sedums, planted in a pot or used in a display; while hanging succulents with purple tips can trail prettily from suspended baskets. For adding height to any display or arrangement, then exotic Bromaids with their vivid yellow or burgundy flowers look simply stunning. For a Mexican theme our mini Column Cactus also comes in useful.

Fake succulents and cacti are a wonderful option for floral displays because in real life these fascinating plants have a plastic like aesthetic. The secret to adding to their realism is to use natural fillers such as moss, gravel, and sand, which trick the eye into thinking that they’re the real deal, because they’re ‘growing’ in the same conditions as real live succulents. Try placing sand into a glass vase, inserting the stem of your succulent, and adding a layer of small rocks to hold it in position. Perfect for adding some greenery to an all white bathroom, these faux succulents will ‘thrive’.

Succulents also lend themselves to decorative wreaths for your door. Easy to make using an assortment of lush succulents and moss, it’s a sort of ‘forever wreath’ to welcome friends and family to your home throughout the year.

Isn’t it time you started getting creative with succulents?

Browse our selection below and buy online with confidence. Alternatively, you can always drop by our warehouse and showroom in Brisbane and see our succulents first hand.

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