Bouquet Accessories

Bouquet Accessories

Whether you’re planning a wedding or throwing a surprise party, Swann Agencies has all you need to jazz up your bouquets, special occasions, and gifts. We’ve carefully hand picked an eclectic mix of fun and practical floral supplies and novelties, including posy frames, metal bouquet collars, and eye-catching ‘formal wear’ garters for glassware, bottles, and vases.

Our decorative napkin rings are ideal for keeping napkins neat and tidy on the table and are offered in 4 different styles. Choose from crystal embellished bows, loops, and diamond shaped napkin holders which sparkle as they catch the light, lending a pretty addition to the table, or alternatively you may prefer our stylish twisted rope design.

While we’re on the subject of table decorations, our ‘formal wear’ garters are sure to put a smile on the faces of your guests. Sold as a pair, they consist of a white ‘bridal veil’ and a man’s ‘black dinner jacket, white shirt, and bow tie’ which can be used to decorate bottles, vases, and glassware. They also make a nice little keepsake to remember the special day by.

On a more practical note, we’ve got a selection of florist accessories to help create a stunning bouquet. This includes a twig vine posy frame for a charming rustic look, a gorgeous gold wire beaded collar for finishing off a bridal bouquet, as well as an assortment of Lomey wire collars in different colours, which can be used as an inset to a bouquet, or slipped inside or on top of a vase. Speaking of bouquets, you’ll also find we sell bouquet stands to support the bouquet for photo opportunities, as well as topiary stands for your greenery.

These are just some of our bouquet accessories so please browse below to see what else we have to offer. Everyone can benefit from our discounted prices since we’re open for wholesale trade and to the general public. You can purchase online or visit our warehouse and showroom in Brisbane, where you’re sure to find everything you need under one roof.

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  • Posy Frame
    Posy Frame
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  • Lace Ribbons
    Lace Ribbons
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    Mini Lights
    Mini Lights
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  • Flower Girl Basket Heart Online
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  • 24cm Lace Fan Black and White
    24cm Lace Fan Black and White
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  • ‘FORMAL WEAR’ Garters
    ‘FORMAL WEAR’ Garters
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  • Napkin Ring
    Napkin Ring
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  • Wire Collar
    Wire Collar
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  • Wire Handbag Set
    Wire Handbag Set
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  • Topiary Stand Silver
    Topiary Stand Silver
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  • Australia Metal Bridal Display Stand
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