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Add flair to any room of the house and create a welcoming ambience with our colourful pots and vases. Filled with fresh or artificial flowers, they make decorative centrepieces for any table or desk and are also great for warming up an entrance hall and brightening a corner.

Our pots and vases are designed to get your creative juices working – whether you choose to fill a room with a large bouquet of flowers or just a single stem, or whether you decide to group your pots and vases together and let them stand on their own. With our extensive range, even the prices are beautiful.

When it comes to choosing your pots and vases you really are spoilt for choice with a plethora of sizes and shapes to choose from, not to mention materials such as ceramic, felt, plastic, and tin, and a variety of textures and colours. From tin buckets to ceramic cubes and from cone vases to long oval bowls, we’ve got a pot or vase for every occasion.

Neutral coloured pots or vases are a good choice for those that are new to flower arranging, and we’d recommend black or white which looks fabulous with jewel tone flowers and tropicals. If you’re after more of an old fashioned, whimsical look, then try using a white vase with pink flowers.

Colourful plastic pots such as our cottage pots and square patio tubs look great on kitchen window sills filled with herbs, or used as an accent colour in an all white bathroom, filled with a collection of leafy ferns – and we’ve got just the thing to water them with by way of our decorative metal watering cans.

Finally, how about utilising our tin buckets and tall vases for those casual arrangements that seem to look their best when they’re just thrown together. Perfect for outdoor functions such as parties and weddings, when you can use freshly cut scented flowers to sweetly perfume the warm night air.

Browse and purchase from our collection below, of if you prefer, why not call into our warehouse and showroom in Brisbane, and check them out for yourself.

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