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We’re great fans of glass vases for the simple fact that they allow the entire contents to be on view, which in the case of intricately twisted flower stems, colourful glass baubles, and glowing tea lights, makes the display look even more appealing and interesting. From bowls and goblets to round and square vases, and anything in between, we’ve got a glass vase for every occasion.

Extremely versatile, our glass vases can be used to display all manner of items, and not just flowers. Cylinder vases are always popular and can be used to display trinkets, sweets, flowers, and even wedding favours. Square vases can be used to good effective to display more tactile florals such as moss, grasses, leaves, and berries. We stock a variety of cube, block, and rectangle vases for you to choose from.

Our small retro glass bowls are perfect for holding a small tea light and really sparkle when they catch the light. Clustered on tables in dimly lit rooms or placed outside on a terrace when the sun goes down, they lend a truly magical look to the surroundings. Or if you want to go bigger and bolder, then how about filling some hurricane vases with church candles?

Mason jars are very popular with our customers because they’re great for crafting and can be used to display all manner of home-made gifts and tasty treats. Try painting, spraying, or writing messages on them and filling them with flowers, for a gift that looks so cute. Let your creative juices flow, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with such a simple jar.

So if you’re in need of a glass vase or two, then we’re open for wholesale trade. The general public can also benefit from our very affordable prices. Browse and purchase from the collection below or call into our Brisbane showroom and warehouse, and get inspired.

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