FGT6152 56cm Potted Orchid FGT6152

FGT6152 56cm Potted Orchid

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56cm Potted Phalaenopsis Orchid – White
8-10cm Flowers
Bulk buy: 12 per carton
Priced and sold per plant

Flower meaning: Ecstacy, Rare beauty, flower of magnificence, love

Phalaenopsis orchids, commonly known as moth orchids, are one of the most popular orchids.  Queensland’s Floral Emblem since 1959 is the Cooktown Orchid (Vappodes phalaenopsis).  Orchid Island of Taiwan is named after this genus.  Most are epiphytic shade plants and are typically fond of warm temperatures, thriving in temperatures around 20 to 30C.  They are also typically hardier than other species of orchids, and this makes them particularly popular among first-time orchid growers.


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