FG4999 Ivy Garland FG4999

FG4999 Ivy Garland

$14.80 Inc GST

1.5metre Green Ivy Garland
3-7cm Leaves
Bulk buy: 36 per box
Priced and sold per garland

Small leaf ivy suitable for addition to bouquets
Display in hanging baskets
Use in artificial living walls

Meaning: Wedded love, fidelity, affection
Hedera helix (common ivy, English ivy, European ivy) is a rampant , clinging evergreen climbing vine.   Within its native range, the species is greatly valued for attracting wildlife.  In Europe it is frequently planted to cover walls and buildings for its ability to cool the interior in summer, while providing insulation in winter.  Even though ivy is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant, it is considered an noxious weed across south-eastern Australia and is classified a weed in Victoria.  It is listed as an environmental weed in New Zealand.


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