XF8270 Glitter Maidenhair Fern Red XF8270RD

XF8270 Glitter Maidenhair Fern Red

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65cm Glitter Maidenhair Spray
Size: 16cm Fronds

A fern is a member of a group of vascular plants that reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers.  There are four particular types of habitats that ferns are found in: moist, shady forests; crevices in rock faces, especially when sheltered from the full sun; acid wetlands including bogs and swamps; and tropical trees, where many species are epiphytes (something like a quarter to a third of all fern species).  Many ferns are grown in horticulture as landscape plants, for cut foliage and as houseplants, especially the Boston fern.  The bird’s nest fern is also popular as are the staghorn ferns.

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